When we distill the plant for aromatherapy, the water that remains is what we call Hydrosol.

Essential oils cannot be made without producing Hydrosol.

  • Hydro – “water”
  • Sol – “solution”
  • Ie: A water solution


See picture below of the distillation process.  And how the Hydrosol is a byproduct.  The aromatherapy oil is a very concentrated oil from the process and the Hydrosol is the water-based byproduct with a very small amount of the essential oil suspended in it.



Hydrosols can, unlike aromatherapy, be applied directly to the skin.

They are safe for all ages, sensitive skin and even pets.

Although less concentrated, they offer subtle aromatherapy and their own therapeutic benefits.

  • A natural mild facial toner – close the eyes and spritz the face, or dampen a cotton pad, spray hydrosol onto the cotton pad, close your eyes and gently dab and apply all over the face to freshen and tone the skin.
  • Hair / scalp tonic – either spritz directly onto the hair or add to shampoo or conditioner.
  • Body spray – Lightly mist your body to feel cool and refreshed. Your body will be left lightly fragranced.
  • Aromatic mist – spritz the room as required.
  • Add a few spritzers to bath.
  • Enhance your cream, lotion, face mask.
  • Air freshener – to freshen a room and you benefit from the emotional and therapeutic properties inherent with the chosen hydrosol(s). Avoid furniture, pets, open food and beverages, and other people.
  • Linen spray – spray sheets, towels and other linen.
  • Garment freshening.
  • Hair fragrance mister.
  • Finger bowl – to replace the plain water or add to the water.
  • Compresses – can be chilled or warmed and used in place of water for compresses.
  • Deodorant spray – mist underarms and wherever else required (avoid genitals). The anti-bacterial properties can be helpful in minimizing body odour.
  • Foot Spray – spray the top and bottom of the feet to control foot odour and to refresh your feet.


Their shelf life is 6-8 months and it will last best if kept in the fridge.

Hydrosols, being water based are more susceptible and highly prone to microbial contamination.

Do not use for internal consumption.

They can be used directly on the skin.  However, a skin patch test may also be beneficial for sensitive skins or concerns.

Less is often more.

They are not vaporizer friendly.

And they can, if you require, be diluted further with more water (if you wish for your product to go further).